International Federation of Shock Societies

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New Member is Joining IFSS

We are happy to share with you that our International Federation of Shock Societies (IFSS) is going to be expanded by a new member very soon, namely the Society of Shock Studies of Russia (SSSR). Our youngest sibling was initially established in September 2012 as the Russian Shock Society (RSS) and has been recently renamed (for formal reasons) to the SSSR. The current SSSR Presidency is held by Prof. Viktor V. Moroz from Moscow Negovsky Research Institute for General Reanimatology. The acting SSSR General Secretary is Prof. Vladimir M Pisarev from the same institution (Adjunct Assoc. Prof. Dept. of Surgery, Univ. of Nebraska, Medical Center, Omaha, NE). With this new addition, IFSS has now grown to seven societies spanning three continents. Welcome aboard, SSSR!

A New Important Voice in the Ongoing Debate on Modeling of Critical Care Diseases
In its upcoming June, 2014 issue, the Shock journal will feature a review titled: "Abandon the Mouse Research Ship? Not Just Yet!" by a large group of authors affiliated with the International Shock Societies. The article has been the most recent addition to the ongoing discussion concerning the adequacy of using the mouse in modeling of critical care medicine. This debate has been recently invigorated by the strong criticism regarding the translational relevance of existing mouse models received from the lay press in response to a highly-publicized research report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS; February 2013) titled: "Genomic responses in mouse models poorly mimic human inflammatory diseases." We draw your attention to this review given that it pertinently discusses several elements of the PNAS article as well as it provides a well-balanced view on the strengths and weaknesses of using mouse modeling in critical diseases in general in the context of the voiced criticism.